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Hello from your friends at!  We are excited to be sending out our first eNewsletter.  So much has been going on here; we almost don’t know where to start.  Our goal in sending out this letter is to give you a close up look at what we do in day, week or month at  We are a family first and that does occupy most of our day and at times it is a challenge balancing both ALB and our family dynamic, but who/what ALB is weighs heavy on our hearts and is never far from our minds!

First, in October we were able to have a booth at a mission’s festival along with 7-8 other non-profit organizations.  Each booth was able to display what they do and what they are striving to accomplish with their organizations.  Over that weekend through Facebook advertising and our booth we were able to acquire over 300 new likes on our Facebook page!

Second, it was with broken hearts our family traveled to Virginia to celebrate the life of Sam Whetzel the first weekend of November.  Sam not only was part of our extended family, but he and his family were recipients of over $25,000 donated through our site.  His story was one of strength, courage, and peace.  It was humbling and an honor to stand with the Whetzel family in the time of their grief.

Lastly, we are preparing for the Christmas season through our Christmas Program.  Our basement is filling up with more and more presents ready to be wrapped for families all over the United States who have been selected to receive Christmas gifts this year!  This time of year is fun not just for us, but great for our kids too.  They get to be more involved and plant a seed of love in someone else’s life.  Along with that we also started our second fundraiser with Diengie Designs selling their Market Bags. The profits from this fundraiser are going directly to our Christmas Program.  Each bag sold provides 1-2 presents for a child.  Be sure to visit our website and view the details of these great bags if you want more info.

So what is next for ALB ~ This is a question we often ask ourselves.  ALB is run strictly on donations, so if the funds are there we can help people and if not well, that breaks my heart.  We feel the next phase of what we are to do is to expand our resources and support through social media, greater online presence, and better website usability.  This is all very costly, but our goal is to raise the funds to support this idea and still be able to carry out the day to day needs that come into ALB.  So, the fact that you share a little bit of our passion and subscribe to our eNewsletter gives us the encouragement we need to press forward! 

Thank you for supporting what we do!  Just tonight my son emptied his piggy bank and told me he wanted to give it to me to buy stuff that I needed.  It’s that tender heart of a child I hope we can all have this Holiday Season and carry out through the New Year. 


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Inevitably, we are doing things on a weekly basis that doesn't make it on the website or on Facebook. This blog is designed to give you an inside look at how we help others in small ways, on a regular basis.