Mark Stevenson

February 2013

Feb 5

Update on Diane Stevenson 2/5/2013

Here is an update for February 3, 2013:   We have gotten through surgery, but so much happened that I could not get to an update for two weeks.The morning of surgery, I felt so sorry as my wife went down the corridor and I had to watch her leave. She was in surgery most of the day. Fortunately for my family, we had a...
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Mark Stevenson

The Stevenson Family is from Canton Ohio. Mark and Diane have four grown children. Recently Mark found himself unemployed and got the news that Diane has breast cancer. It has been hard on the family, but they are staying very positive. As you can imagine the medical bills are starting to come in and the pressures of not having an income to help cover those costs are becoming a burden. We are asking for donations of any amount to go towards the medical costs they foresee in the near future.