Update on Diane Stevenson 1/14/2013

Looking back several months ago, we were preparing several candidates running for State Board of Education (which we won three elections), Life Chain in North Canton and wondering what the world would be like after election day. It doesn't seem quite as dramatic as what we are going through, now. Ironic how life decides to throw you a curve. All the above pales in comparison to what is happening, now.
I know I have seen and heard how the human will attempts to survive unforeseen difficulties, but one never believes it will happen to them and they will beat the odds. We did not beat the odds. We are now, the odds (well, we always have been odd). Our family has loved so many people over the years and now, this.
But I have learned through this. I have learned that some of us are resilient, not because of ourselves, but our interdependence on each other and most importantly, Jesus. Ministry happens when everyone can deliver the same care, whether you know a person or not. Like sending people to serve food to the Sandy Hurricane victims or sending resources to the Sandy Hook parents that lost children. We all need someone.
And so it is with our family. So many have reached out to us. I am shocked because at the end of the day, I rely on much of the prayer, financial resources, meals and love from family and friends to minister to my grieving wife. Losing a breast may seem insignificant to the proportion of issues. But grieving is grieving. And I mourn for my wife's feelings. But I assure you, as I've said to her over and over, "we will get through this, it'll be alright."
It has been said by the medical community that it will take a year to get through this. I can hope for shorter. But our journey with breast cancer started in November, when we discovered something was wrong. Our journey will take a significant leap on Monday, January 21, 2013 when Diane is scheduled for surgery.
Yesterday, we had the final consults that cemented the surgeries for the mastectomy and breast reconstruction on her right breast. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, on Facebook, church family, well-wishers, acquaintances, and supporters from aLittleBirdie.org. I have no idea who is giving to us, but it makes no difference. In the Body of Christ, and even outside the BOC, there are givers. Our family is humbled and we cannot give words to the gratefulness on our parts. So, all we can say is thank you and I will be continuing to update you all on this blog. Pray for this coming week. It is the calm before the surgery.



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Mark Stevenson

The Stevenson Family is from Canton Ohio. Mark and Diane have four grown children. Recently Mark found himself unemployed and got the news that Diane has breast cancer. It has been hard on the family, but they are staying very positive. As you can imagine the medical bills are starting to come in and the pressures of not having an income to help cover those costs are becoming a burden. We are asking for donations of any amount to go towards the medical costs they foresee in the near future.