Update on Diane Stevenson

The last week has been a roller coaster for our family, and especially Diane. With only one doctors appointment, it meant she had more time to think. Even though I constantly try to keep her upbeat and positive, the reality for a woman who is about to lose a breast to cancer is front and center, no pun intended, at this point. I overheard Diane tell someone on the phone, "It's like knowing you will be hit by a truck and you can't do anything to stop it." I had to stop and regain myself, but the week got better.
On Thursday, a home schooling friend asked to stop by and pick Diane up for a "girl's day out." We were relieved, only because we thought she needed to be out and about. This friend bought her lunch at one of her favorite places, Bob Evans, and bought her some personal items. Things like this make me and our family so grateful for all the friendships we've kept all these years. And Diane was doubly blessed when another home school friend did the same exact thing on Friday!
My week consisted of spending a few days out looking for a job, doing a phone interview with Sarah Fowler, a newly elected State Board of Education member that we helped during campaign season (she is a home schooled  24 year old graduate) and keeping Diane in the center focus.
Today is Saturday, two days before surgery. Diane is keeping busy around the house like a mother about to deliver a baby (nesting instinct). Our kids are planning last minute shopping and another meal is due to be delivered in a few hours.
We have lined up the people we wanted at the hospital with our family, even though no one will be able to see her. Tuesday, I'm sure many have planned to try to see Diane.
The surgery is scheduled for Monday morning around 8:30am, so please remember Diane and our family in your prayers. I have no idea who may be reading our blog, maybe no one, but it doesn't matter. We know many are praying. We've received many cards. We feel the prayers of God's saints, and all we can be is grateful.
Again, a BIG thank you to alittlebirdie.org for giving me blog space and helping us, financially to ease the burden of this time. Blessings to all.

Mark Stevenson

The Stevenson Family is from Canton Ohio. Mark and Diane have four grown children. Recently Mark found himself unemployed and got the news that Diane has breast cancer. It has been hard on the family, but they are staying very positive. As you can imagine the medical bills are starting to come in and the pressures of not having an income to help cover those costs are becoming a burden. We are asking for donations of any amount to go towards the medical costs they foresee in the near future.