25 year old Franca is left paralyzed and barely able to speak from a massive stroke

Franca can use all the help we can offer for the mounting medical bills.

Written by a dear friend of Franca - Thank you for considering this beautiful young lady Franca Pasquale.

Our dear friend Franca survived a stroke which was triggered by an aneurysm shortly after her 25th birthday.  Her co-workers saved her life, breaking down her door when she did not arrive at work and they could not reach her by phone.  They found her conscious, but unable to move or speak.  

Franca was rushed to Ohio State's trauma center where she endured emergency brain surgery.  A second surgery followed and since then Franca has been making a steady recovery.  Her strength, spirit and smile have touched us all in a positive way.

Franca's courage and get-it-done attitude, with faith, determination and continuous prayers from family and friends has brought her this far. Franca is a young woman of great courage which she has learned from her mother Barbara.  Barbara is a single mother who has worked two jobs for many years to provide for her three children.   Franca has learned much from her mother,  the power of faith and friends in tough times.  Her mother's famous statement that Franca is putting into practice is "don't say no, say yes I can."  Franca has a long road ahead of her.  She was left paralyzed on her right side of her body and very limited speech.  She needs much therapy to regain her speech and mobility. We are asking for your help as  Franca has no medical insurance and the costs are great.  If many people give a little it will help this young woman in such a great way.  Thank you and God Bless.



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