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Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Primary Mediastinal, an extremely rare and aggressive cancer.

I am a quasi runner and my name is Sarah Jones.  Several years ago my running partner of 6 years was killed instantly by a drunk driver while she was out on a jog.

There were many friends and acquaintances who rallied around but there was one woman who recognized a void in me that I never acknowledged.  She befriended me and soon we were yoked together, sharing life stories in the darkness, before the welcoming of the morning sun, while pounding the streets.  While sharing stories, there were mornings when our words were spoken they froze in mid-air from the extreme chill of the early hours.  Other times they fell like rocks, bursting with the humidity waiting to seize the day yet still she met me always wearing that smile. 

Sandy Kreider

My new running partner is a 52 year old woman by the name of Sandy Kreider. Although she never regarded running as pleasurable she has been with me for several years now and the both of us have completed one marathon together.

 Several months ago Sandy began trailing behind on our runs and became unusually winded.  At first I thought it was exercise induced asthma however I was proven wrong. After many tests we now know she has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Primary Mediastinal, an extremely rare and aggressive cancer.  Her doctor has ordered 6 chemo treatments to be given every three weeks so now she is running her second marathon of sorts.

Sandy has been an RN at Rockingham Memorial Hospital in the Recovery Room for 9 years.  She is considered part time however she may work over 40 hours a week. She is on a plan known as an Enhanced Salary Option which means she has no paid vacation, no paid sick leave and no insurance through RMH.  Her work ethic and dependability is beyond reproach and I have learned her boss and co-workers highly respect her consciousness for quality care of all people.

Sandy shared with me during her first chemo treatment that her goal was always to remain invisible and never draw attention to herself.  She never realized it was precisely that quality which drew our attention and respect for her and our desire to be called her friend.

I am now requesting some financial relief from our community and others to help manage all that lies ahead for her.  She has helped others for many years, never expecting nor wanting anything in return however circumstances have now changed.  Prayers for her recovery are also needed so I ask that folks will flood her with that request as well.



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