Who are we working to help right now?

Donations processed since June 2012 - $150,000.00


Here are the people we are currently running campaigns to help. Click on a picture to read more and find out how to help.  

Donate To our General Fund

  Jon and Ruthie

Joe Boyle Dedicated teacher and father of 3, Joe Boyle, bravely faces experimental kidney cancer treatments with an inspiring attitude
$11,468.00 Donated



The fuel for our work starts here. These funds provide the help many families need on a regular basis.  

Eli Dowler

Father, husband and friend struggleing with cancer

$700.00 Donated  


Canfield House Fire
Dawn and Family

            Dan Zinz

The Plight of Sam


House fire 

$55.00 Donated.

Dan ZinzOn Nov. 13th Dan Lost his battle with cancer. 

$5,960.00 Donated

Tiffanie Stokes A young man in the fight of his life with leukemia.

Over $25,000 Donated

Katie Jernigan

Silent Angels

Emeline S.


Fighting in the fight of her life with cancer. 

$2,270.00 Donated

Local Business Owners making a difference. 
$0.00 Donated

Inoperable Brain Tumor, a heart for others.
$3,699.00 Donated

Baby Owen 

Joseph Leon Byrd


Three week old Baby leaves his earthly parents

591 Donated

Gone at 37, help us fight Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

$38.82 Donated

A loving mother gone, a family in need of your help to find and secure a good Nanny. 
$47.50 Donated



Lilly Grace


A team of volunteers in remote Guatemala needs transportation to reach families in need.

A Six year old girls journey fighting a connective tissue disorder

$1,325.50 Donated

Morgan's quest for a life saving companion

$490 Donated


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We try to set reasonable goals for our campaigns, but from time to time we underestimate the generosity of people like your self, and we receive more than we have asked for. In these situations, we reallocate donation to the next largest need that we are raising donations for. Questions about how we collect, process and distribute your donations? Click the link



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