Is she crazy enough to let an 11 year old shave her head?

Over fifteen thousand dollars raised so far!

Aunt Sarah is willing to do whatever it takes to help her beloved nephew Sam, his parents and his brother and sister. That is what this page is all about, helping Aunt Sarah help Sam.

I'm sure you have considered how tough this is for Sam, how awful chemo must be and how scary this is for an 11 year old. You may even have thought about how this will change the story that Sam tells for the rest of his life.

Sam's story reaches even farther than most of us think, and will have a lasting impact on his twin brother, his older sister and all of the family members that are watching someone they love so much go through something so awful.

We have set an initial goal of raising $15,000 and our hoping to do more for the family.

Most of us are limited by distance to helping in small ways, but working together, we can make a huge difference! We have already raised $15,122.00. This money will be used by Sam’s family to help pay the bills during the next months and hopefully, years!

Check back often for updates.

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