Family loses everything--except each other--in a house fire

Girard Ohio

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This story is best told in first-person, here is the story as told by the mother of the family.

 It hurts to think about it let alone say it out loud. First off I want to thank everyone again! It's is so amazing to see what you all have done for our little family. We can't express our gratitude enough!! So here it goes...

Tuesday night I fell asleep in my daughters room while putting her to bed and my son had crawled into bed with Chris on our bedroom. Wednesday morning Chris woke up and went downstairs to get ready for work. Eventually he opened the fridge to grab his lunch and noticed the fridge was off. He knew the breaker blew so he went to the basement and flipped the switch. He left the house at 5:20 am Wednesday, June 20.

I woke up to our smoke alarm going off and jumped up out of bed. I immediately smelled smoke and screamed for my son Abe. I grabbed him and went back to Ella's room and looked at my phone to see what time it was. It was 5:33 am. So I knew Chris would have been gone for work. I opened the window in my daughters room to climb out and grabbed my kids arms because I could no longer see their little faces. The smoke spread so fast!!!!!

There was a tiny ledge directly out of her window and I stepped onto that as I drug my son out first because I knew he'd sit still on the roof. Then grabbed my daughter and placed her next to my son. We were all coughing and our skin was black from the smoke and soot.
Once on the roof I was crying hysterically screaming HELP with everything in me. I was screaming for our lives. Abe looked at me with terror in his little blue eyes and started crying and screaming HELP as loud as his little lungs could yell. He was so brave!! My neighbor on the back side of our house was the first to see us. As he came over to us I asked him if my husbands car was gone and he said yes. I was terrified that he was still inside passed out from the smoke.

He told me his car was gone and I asked him if he had a ladder to please help us down. He took my children first and then I climbed down. I owe this man more than I could ever repay him. This is the most terrifying thing I've ever been through. I read the news articles and see the clips on tv and still can't believe it was us. It all happened so fast! And seeing the aftermath was devastating. 

I can't stop holding my babies and kissing them and playing with them. I didn't sleep last night. I just sat up and in between crying would just watch them sleep and cry out how thankful I am that they're still here! While this is so heartbreaking and the most  terrifying thing I've ever walked through in my life I am beyond grateful. Everyone has been so amazing and supportive. 

The only injuries to speak of aren't even worth speaking of. My daughter has a nice size bruise on her leg with a knot from me pulling her out of the window. My son has nothing. He's my little hero!! So brave! And my arms are bruised and sore and I'm assuming it's all from pulling my babies out.
I don't even know how to end this. I can't believe I'm even sitting here typing it. It hasn't fully sunk in yet. I've been in survival mode with adrenaline pushing me through hour by hour. I have up and down moments. I break down one minute but am doing ok the next. And in all honesty I don't care about the stuff. Nothing in that house was worth more than what we got out with. Our lives. It's just the replaying of it in my mind that's so gut wrenching. The shape the house is now in and to know we were inside of there. Just so many emotions. I have cried over every donation so far. Just so overwhelming. So I guess I'll end with how I started. Thank you thank you thank you all!!! We feel so loved and so blessed beyond what we could have ever imagined! 

By the way... The fire is still under investigation but we know it was electrical. The investigation could take a couple months to complete I guess. So no real answers just yet. We just know it was electrical.

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