Dawn and Family House Fire

Family in Canfield Ohio loses Everythign in a house fire

This story written by a family member...

After the death of my father eight years ago my mother met and and has become engaged to a lovely man with a wide extended family. Dawn is one of the most beautiful members of that new family. She and her husband have a blended family of eight children ranging in age from 6 to 17. They live in rural northeastern Ohio not too far from where my mom and her fiancé live.
The week before Christmas the family left the home on a beautiful December day put the dogs in the dog run to play and all went to the high school to celebrate the induction of their oldest daughter into the National Honor Society. While they were gone an electric short in baseboard heating caused the house to catch fire.

Being in an auditorium with the celebration going on all the cell phones were turned off -- no one knew what was happening. The fire department was called, but the house went up quickly and nothing was saved. Blessedly the family and the dogs were out of the house. They lost everything. I have no pictures for you because they lay among the dust.

When Dawn's sister was notified by a neighbor that the fire had started  and they couldn't reach the family, she herself went to the school found Dawn and the family and told them what was happening and that is how their story began.

Because of the size of their family they have had to live in two different homes: mom and five children with her family, dad and five children with his. As the word has spread five large totes of clothing and some toiletries have been donated.

As we know even the most loving family can take in family members but sustaining an additional five people in your household is a huge undertaking, and they have 3 cars to service and keep gassed up so the children and parents can keep working and going to school.

Any kindness, any generosity, any prayer, or  any donation is never too small, to ordinary, or too superfluous to be unappreciated.

They themselves have a large extended family that is offering a great deal of emotional and prayer support. 

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