Eli Dowler And His 4 Year Old Heart Of Gold

Little Eli is facing his third major heart surgery and we want to send him and his family to Disney World!

Amanda and Tommy Dowler are the wonderful, hard working parents of four beautiful children. Tommy works full time while Amanda stays home with the kids and works out of the home.

They were blessed early in their marriage with two healthy children. During their third pregnancy they found out their baby had heart problems. Eli was born Nov. 29, 2010 with a heart condition- a Double inlet left ventricle with D malposed great arteries, and a hydroplastic aorta with a interrupted aortic arch. This meant he had to have open heart surgery immediately after birth, with he and Amanda staying at the hospital for 6 weeks for recovery and Tommy and family keeping things running at home. Tommy and Amanda were told he would need a pace maker put in and would probably need it for the rest of his life. Around Christmas that year one of the doctors decided to see if Eli's heart would be able to work without the pacemaker- and through God's provision it did! Everyone was amazed and overjoyed!
After a series of illnesses and setbacks, Eli finally had his second surgery June of 2011. If everything goes as planned, his third (and hopefully last) surgery is scheduled for the end of the month. Even after the surgery, Eli will still have to be careful about the activities he participates in, but he is thankfully on his way to a healthier life!
It has been a trying four and half years; going from some of the scariest news every parent fears to two surgeries, a heart cath, countless appointments, and awaiting a third open heart surgery.  Through it all, Tommy and Amanda have clung to their faith to get them through, getting stronger along the way. They continue to work hard raising their four children and are leading them by example. 
A dream of theirs is to take the kids to Disney World to celebrate the completion of Eli's last surgery, but money is tight. This trip would be the perfect way to celebrate their spiritual journey and God's blessings on them and Eli! Your donations and prayers would be an amazing blessing to them and much appreciated!


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