A Father's Plea To Help His Loving Daughter

Katie Jernigan

Our family’s biggest concern the beginning of November 2014 was who was going to bring what on Thanksgiving. Then our world was turned upside down; Katie, my daughter, was diagnosed with incurable Stage 4 Colon Cancer which had traveled to her liver; all of a sudden who is bringing mash potatoes doesn’t seem so important!Katie Cancer fighter

    To date, Katie has been on chemo for about 6 months (with no end in sight for the chemo treatments) and had to endure a horrific 10 hour surgery in February.

    Katie is married and has a 13 year old son. She is the General Manager of Connecting Touch Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc., a business she and I opened in 1995. To say this has been a distraction in running the business is a gross understatement, but I am trying very hard to stay focused and do what is necessary to run the business and keep the doors open. Although Katie still comes in to work, her hours and days are obviously significantly reduced, which puts more physical challenges on me, along with the emotional challenges of watching her go through this. Our business has dropped off over 25% since Katie was diagnosed…to say this is putting a strain on the business, our families and our personal lives is also a gross understatement! 

    As with any long term illness there are additional and unexpected expenses with medical bills mounting each and every day! Plus I would love to see Katie, her husband and her son be able to take a much needed vacation together and not have to worry about money, regular bills, additional medical bills, etc.

    Whatever anyone can do to help out with boosting the business, helping Katie and her family with her unexpected medical expenses and also provide her family the means to take a vacation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank Each of You For Your Consideration, Thoughts and Prayers!

Jack Hayes, Loving Father of Katie Jernigan


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