Donations for Charlie Klingelhofer, After His Accident.

After surgery to repair a badly broken arm, Charlie will miss work and have medical bills.

Charlie and Emily Klingelhofer have 4 kids and a long list of responsibilities and people depending on them. In addition to working full time to support his family, Charlie runs an active farm with plenty of livestock and works to help the family businesses. Charlie also works with his brother on the side to rebuild wrecked cars. 

Last week Charlie had an accident and lost a fight with a steel beam. This left him with a shattered humerus bone and lots of steel and screws to put him back together. The doctor had to take his elbow and tricep apart during the surgery and this means that the recovery will be long and painful. The doctor said he will be facing 3 months of recovery time. 
                                                           Photo By Krista Brown Photography                  

As the primary income provider for his family, Charlie knows that the bills still need to be paid, crops need to be planted, and work around the farm will still need to get done. We are asking for help in three ways: 

1. Help around the farm - If you live close by, please contact His brother Ryan 330-714-6664 and ask for a list of chores that need to be done. 
2. Make a donation in care of Charlie to help with the medical bills, everyday budget and the missed work. 
3. Keep the family in your prayers - We are praying that there will be no infection in the arm, and that the recovery will be complete and will happen quickly. 
If you know Charlie, you know
he is usually the first person to offer a helping hand when there is a need and I am hoping as a community, we can do the same for him. 



                       Donations to Date = $1,705.00



Make a donation in care of Charlie. 

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