Willis Nisly | Fighting Cancer with a Huge Measure of God's Grace

The Nisly family is facing the biggest battle of their lives

My dear Uncle Willis, 
So many amazing memories and while we have been separated by thousands of miles my whole life, you and Aunt Becky remain so very dear to my heart. 
Uncle Willis has cancer and a lot of it. He was recently told by the doctors that, "it's all over." They've found cancer in his left femur, both iliac (pelvic) bones and cancer in the acetabulum (back wall of the pelvis). There is involvement in the sternum, thoracic spine, and ribs on both sides. There are also questionable areas on the base of his skull, on the right side, and his left humeral head.
Cousin Rhoda said "Dad went blank," after hearing the news. 
In addition to this devastating news, the family concurrently suffered the blow of having Willis' wife (Aunt Becky) admitted to intensive care with stroke like symptoms. 
When I asked what the immediate needs were, their Daughter Rhoda said, "I'm sure there will be medical bills from both mom and dad that they could use help with. Ken and I were just talking to dad about things on the farm we need to get done. (We) need to look at downsizing for sure. Thanks for your prayers." 
I am asking for your help in this extremely challenging situation. I'm sure this has added incredible amounts of stress to all of Willis and Becky's kids, and will continue to be a daily reality long after the news and the shock has worn off. If you are nearby, please see what you can do to help with the house work, if you are far away, please consider making a monetary contribution to help with all the added expenses. 
If you don't know Uncle Willis and Aunt Becky, I would love for you to know that they are a family of faith and of Love. Willis and Becky have dedicated their lives to loving others and my wife Carol and I have been the lucky recipients of this selfless love. 
Whether it was Uncle Willis standing on his head well into his 70's or Aunt Becky so sincerely (and quietly) asking about our lives, they have always stood out as remarkable people. Willis and Becky sent us love and encouragement in our family's time of need (and delicious recipes) and now it's our turn to help them in theirs. 

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Make a donation in care of Willis and Becky NIsly

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