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The Silent Angels Organization Needs Ongoing Revenue To Support Year Round Efforts:

Silent Angels Akron Ohio Silent Angels is a group of small caring business owners who decided to collectively pull their limited resources together to focus on people in need that are currently struggling to stay employed and pay their bills or to assist those that are desiring to get back to work and are encountering challenges they need assistance on. The focus is to help these individuals with unexpected bills or personal needs that may be preventing them to get back on their feet and working.

The Silent Angel Group Program has had significant requests to provide appliances, furniture, repair vehicles, outstanding bills, etc. In addition monetary assistance requests have expanded exponentially for an array of reasons including paying overdue utility bills, holiday gifts for children, medicine, food, etc. The Silent Angel Group has made great strides in assisting many of these requests, but we are at the point we need more help and support to maintain and expand the ongoing program! All recipients are thoroughly screened to make sure there is a REAL need!

In order for a small business owner to be a member of the Silent Angels Group they must agree to donate money and/or personal service to the recipients. In addition, the small business owners agree NOT to seek or accept any publicity or media coverage for their charitable giving and support. All Silent Angels MUST remain a "Silent Angel" and derive their reward totally from the satisfaction of creating "Little Miracles" for many people in need 12 months a year!

With the growing awareness of the Silent Angels Group,  we have encountered a significant financial burden in keeping up with all the requests year round. This site has graciously agreed to be a conduit for the Silent Angels Group to receive monetary donations by the many potential gracious people that want to join the Silent Angels to create "Little Miracles" year round in a very unique and meaningful way.

The Silent Angels Group is very excited to be part of the process and we welcome ALL monetary donations, small and large, that can make a difference in assisting the Silent Angels Group to make a difference year round and create “Little Miracles” with the only publicity and satisfaction being the warmth of the Spirit in our Hearts and Souls!

     Donation info of appliances, furniture and vehicles can be sent to Silent Angels in writing at the address or e-mail listed below.

     If you know of someone that might qualify for our assistance feel free to submit their story for them or have them send their personal request and contact info to us in writing to the Address or e-mail listed below. Please include their name, address and phone contact info at the address or e-mail below.

     If you are a business and want to officially join the other businesses as an official member of the Silent Angels Group please send your name, company name, address and phone contact info to the address or e-mail below.

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Since June 2012, 1000 donors have given almost $130,000.00 to help other  people in need