Little Liam | A Mom and Dad's plea for help as their 3 year old faces medical challenges.

After a head trauma, 3 year old Liam struggles physically and the medical bills pile up.

On July 23rd of this year, Liam (now 3 years old) fell and experienced a head trauma which resulted in cerebral spinal fluid to leak from his brain. 
There is not supposed to be any breaks in the sac surrounding the brain, but his was perforated which led to the draining.  At the time, the family was supposed to be going on a mini vacation together.  This never ended up happening, due to his accident.  Liam spent almost 2 weeks at Children's Hospital in Akron, where he was seen by the ER/trauma team, imaging, and other specialists.

Liam was finally released to go home.  Not long after he came home, there was a noticeable difference in his speech.  His speech became very "bumpy" and he was taken to yet another specialist and consults were made with speech pathologists.  They informed parents, Pat and Alexis, that Liam's case was "unique" and that he indeed had a severe stuttering problem which resulted from the trauma. 
He was also diagnosed with partial hearing loss.  In the midst of all of this, hospital bills had already started piling in.  Due to the extended hospital stay, Alexis lost 2 weeks of wages, and Pat lost 1 week and 1 day of wages from having to be off work.  Because of the speech issues, Liam has been in therapies weekly for 6 weeks now, which causes a loss of wages for Alexis.  She also has to find childcare on her one day off each week, so that she can take Liam to some of these appointments, which is a cost as well. 
On Thursday, November 14th, Liam had to have an exploratory surgery because there was still fluid built up behind the ear, which was found during the tampanograms that were done, as well as hearing tests.  The surgeon wanted to test the fluid to see what type it is.  Liam was able to go home the same day, but they are waiting for the results on what type of fluid was discovered.  If it is cerebral fluid that is still draining, a brain surgery will be necessary, as this can be life threatening and cause menengitis of the brain. 
So, currently, the family is left with over $6,000 in medical bills which is not all of them and does not include this surgery that was completed on the 14th.  The famly could use help in off-setting some of those costs which has taken them into debt and along with loss of wages, has created financial hardship.  Liam has 2 other siblings (sisters), Talia who is 6 and Tatum who is 16 months. 
Christmas will also be a struggle for them, but that is the very least of their worries.  Their biggest issue is trying to somehow pay bills in the midst of losing hundreds of dollars from lost wages, as well as the responsibility of paying medical bills each month.  As I mentioned, additional childcare is now needed on Thursdays which is normally Alexis' day off. 
This family has been through alot in the past 4 months, and could use alot of prayer and encouragement. Any and all contributions go directly to this family.  Thank You!

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