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Grieving Father Needs Life Saving Treatment - Family Asking for Help

A Little Birdie brings to you a very delicate situation.

This family wants to tell you about their son, brother, dad, husband: a 40 year old man that has been broken from experiencing multiple traumatic situations in his life. He has forgotten his worth and it is up to us to help him learn to embrace his value! 

  Two years ago this past February George sat on his dining room floor holding his lifeless 9 week old baby boy while the First Responders worked on him for one hour and forty-five minutes - only to hear there was nothing else that could be done. George’s drinking spiraled out of control. He has had 3 jobs in the last 2.5 yrs and is currently unable to work due to physical illness.

That should be enough grief to last a lifetime, but for George the loss of his son is compounded by losses earlier in his life that he has never grieved through.

  You see, George was five when his mother could no longer continue the 6 yr abusive relationship with his father. George's parents divorced. It became apparent that his father did not want a relationship with him and in time his mother remarried. His step-father would later legally adopt him and life was good for awhile. His adoptive father became a pastor of a small church. He got another brother and yes, a sister :-). George was living a pretty normal life. Then his maternal grandfather, who he was close to, experienced one final dance with depression and violently took his own life Easter weekend. George was left with more brokeness and didn’t know how to process it. He had just turned 19. What George was learning – pretty well actually was how to stuff the rejection, abandonment and worthlessness he felt deep inside.  

  When the Gulf war started, PTSD surfaced in his adopted dad’s life (Al). For two years the family never knew what to expect as Al returned to drug use (years before from Viet Nam he had become addicted and later had been delivered). They had to move and were almost homeless when Al was eventually murdered in Youngstown, Ohio. Al’s funeral was exactly five months to the day that George’s grandpa shot himself. George was visiting his biological father the weekend Al was killed leaving him to fly home alone – after receiving the news on the phone from his mom about his dad. And once again, he was rejected by his biological father.  And his anger and bitterness towards God grew.

  As George tried to go on with life, drinking began to be a way for him to drown out the pain he couldn’t bare. He was in a steady relationship and they had a beautiful son together. They bought a home and four years later they had another beautiful son. But eventually his drinking began to cause problems and they split up. He saw his biological father one more time to only be rejected yet again. He was now a functioning alcoholic. Most people didn’t even know he drank.

Later, he found himself in a new relationship. And life continued on. Life that had hurt him deeply and wounds that remained wide open. They had a beautiful, perfect son together - For 9 weeks.

9 short weeks.

Five days after being vaccinated the baby was found unresponsive in his crib and 911 was called. These gaping wounds that have been wide open for years have now become infected!! Once they got through the blur of the funeral they went home. Home? Now how do you process the rest of the story that has already been stated in the beginning?

It put George over the edge. Currently, he is unable to work and desperately needs medical intervention for cirrhosis with inpatient treatment for a minimum of 90 days. Only such intense programming can help George deal with the lifelong trauma and grief work that needs to be done.

The flat fee for however long George needs to stay in treatment is approximately $25,000 –variables depend on how and what it takes to initially get him into the program. Please help this family raise the money to send George for the treatment he needs to live so this family does not have to lose another family member.

Please pray with the family that George will also have complete healing in his relationship with God.

He no longer has the fight within him, yet he wants help. So we, as family, friends, and fellow human beings who desire to connect with each other, have this beautiful opportunity to carry George and his family, when they can no longer carry themselves.

For anyone that would need more clarification please feel free to email his mother Cindy at She will respond as timely as possible to each one.

Thank You so Very Much!!!

God Bless Each One of You from All of George’s Family.



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