Charmaine, Loving -Teaching - Giving - Missed Greatly.

Help this Family in need of a Nanny.

Charmaine is an amazing woman. She was a Special Ed Teacher for the Hearing Impaired for many years and quit work when Joey was young, to care for his needs. However, she NEVER stopped advocating with/for families to receive theeducational assistance their children deserve. She was a beautiful signer. Her gift was rich and she filled us all with such joy. Her love for her family and her friends was over abundant. You felt her love the moment she touched you. She answered every call from her husband with "hello love of my life..." and to every friend, "hello, you beautiful, wonderful, stupendous, AMAZING woman, you...." I am sure Charmaine has received her angel's wings already as she lived as anAngel. I miss her immensely and so does her family.

Mark is still working from home to care for Nate who is 4 years old. The other children are Joey, 13 yrs and Helena 10 yrs (going on 20)! Joey is on the Autism Spectrum with PDD-NOS and Nate has been diagnosed as of last fall with sever ADHD. He is a brilliant little boy who has been reading since he was three taught by Charmaine! Unfortunately he can not begin Kindergarten in the fall as he is still not potty trained. He has not grown much emotionally in the last three years since his mom's diagnosis.It seems as if everything halted at that time for all of us.

It is so vital for this family to find some normalcy in their daily living. We, their closest friends, all wish for them to acquire a loving, nurturing, full time Nanny that can care for children with special needs and possibly do some light house work (laundry, dishes, meals). This will allow Mark to return to work. If a Nanny could be provided for at least one year, they could get their feet under them a bit and find a way to be a family unit again without their Mommy/Wife. 

WE CAN'T THANK ENOUGH! Well, I guess I was able to write a bit of a story after all. Thank you Charmaine, your guidance is my light!

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