Father With Life Threatening Disease in Desperate Need of Help

Bo Washington, at just 50 years old fights to be there for his wife and 8 year old son.


Bo was first diagnosed with Diabetes 13 years ago. The Diabetes has been very hard to control with diet and even medications. Although with just the diabetes he was still able to work and live his life somewhat normally.

Five years later, after some health problems, which he thought stemmed from the diabetes, he was hospitalized and was diagnosed with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). This is a condition where the heart is unable to provide sufficient blood flow to the body. It is a costly, disabling, and potentially deadly disease…He has undergone angioplasty for a clot in his leg, lost a toe due to diabetes and foot ulcerations. He currently has yet another ulceration since October 2012 on the same foot he has already lost a toe. We are praying hard it does not continue and heals without surgery or loss of his foot.


Last year, in 2012, he had a pacemaker/defibrillator put into the left chamber of his heart, but this has put him out of work. Two months ago, his doctors found that he had a damaged mitral valve, which had started to leak. Bo had surgery on March 15th, to repair this valve, and is still in the hospital. He is currently in what is called cardio-renal failure. Doctors were very concerned his kidneys would fail completely during or shortly after surgery for his mitral valve repair. Praise God so far his kidneys are still functioning at the level (less than 30%) they were before surgery. The doctors have spoke about dialysis several times, but for now he does not require it thankfully!

On top of these other conditions, Bo also has Polycystic Kidney Disease. This disease is genetic…it causes clusters of cysts to develop in the kidneys. This causes the kidneys to swell, and disrupts the kidney function. This disease gets worse, slowly…eventually resulting in end stage kidney failure. The only way to get better, with this disease is to have a kidney transplant. His doctors are closely watching him now because he’s almost to the point of needing dialysis. We had also been sent to the heart transplant center at UVA and were told since he does not have permanent insurance, they would not be able to put him on a waiting list for a heart. His former employer is paying for his insurance as long as they are able (what a blessing that has been!). He has applied for disability, but they have not reached a decision. We all know that sometimes takes months to years to process and get approved.

Bo is only 50 years old and has 3 children ages 25, 18 and 8. The oldest has epilepsy and the middle child is getting ready to attend college in the Fall. He is an amazing husband and father! His youngest son Jacob plays sports and Bo has always been there to coach him along, but the last few years this has become very difficult with his health conditions. The kids have been amazing in helping out around the house with cutting wood, house work, hauling off trash and other things that Bo has been able to help with for a very long time. Gina, is the NW & NOVA Regional Director, for the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia. She helps so many people who are affected by epilepsy! She is an advocate for awareness of this disease, she organizes fundraisers, awareness meetings , and numerous other events to help raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. She does this from the heart! And Bo is always right there by her side helping.

Bo Washington
I’m writing this letter for them, because I recently lost my 11 year old daughter, to a rare disease called Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. In the end stages of her disease, she started having seizures. Bo & Gina were always there to help me with doctors, and pertinent information about my daughter’s seizures. I’ve been through the struggle, physically, emotionally, and financially, of having to take care of someone with a chronic illness. They are in desperate need of help, financially! Bo is not, and has not been able to work for over a year, and his medical expenses are piling up. I’ve been in their shoes and it’s a heavy burden to carry alone.

Bo & Gina are wonderful people, who do so much good, for so many people & I feel like they deserve and desperately need a little help right now themselves!

Thank you for taking the time to read their story,

 Jennifer Mullen





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