Comitted to rural community development in Guatemala - Connecting donors willing and wanting to give with those in poverty.

We can aid in reaching these remote families in need by donating a few dollars to purchase inexpensive trasportation for this team of volunteers.

While recently working with, a long-term nonprofit mission team in Antiqua Guatemala, we recognized a need to help Mateo Winter, Lisa Mitchell and Jessalyn Waddell in their expanding outreach to the rural poor. Various short-term teams come to Guatemala to work with and partnered mission based organizations building homes, installing cook stoves, sponsoring children in school, distributing wheelchairs and establishing family and community gardens and chicken coops. is a major partner in this work and typically THE ONLY ONGOING CONTACT dedicated to keeping in touch with each family receiving assistance. The smallchange4bigchange team currently travels to visit each family by foot or local mass transportation which is unreliable, often not safe and limited in reaching remote sites. Many of the families that are regularly visited live in very isolated areas where access roads are rough.

It is our goal to raise $4,000 to assist in the purchase of a vehicle that the smallchange4bigchange team can utilize to travel to the many remote sites where they’ve established close relationships with families so that the team can continue to assist and follow up on the family’s needs and successes.

Please help us HELP THEM by donating generously and check the site for more information and read the many STORIES about the exciting work being done by this dedicated team.



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