Emmeline - Called Home To Be With the Lord In Her Sleep.

Inspiring Eulogy - a Life That Touched So Many Lives.

Little did I realize what the future held for that little baby that I held in my arms. I had been asked by Jeff and Julia to officiate in the dedication of Emmeline. Because she had been born with a brain tumor, an operation had removed about 1/5th of her brain. And here I was with her parents, committing her to the Lord to use and work through her as He desired. Jeff and Julia had already committed her to the Lord from the moment they discovered that she had been conceived. They were now publicly asking for wisdom to know how to care for, teach and guide her in the future. What would the Lord do?

From the moment we received the phone call from Julia about the tumor, Mary sent an e-mail about ten of her friends who we knew would be praying, asking for them to intercede for Emmeline’s first surgery. That mailing list has grown to over 800 names. So people began to pray for Emmeline and have followed her progress through the years. 
After Emmeline’s first brain surgery, the Dr. Aldana said that he removed as much of the tumor as he could. Eight months later the tumor reappeared and after the second operation, the Doctor was convinced that he had gotten it all. She was then entered into a special protocol at St Jude Hospital in Memphis which was treating children as young as one year of age with radiation. Of the seven children that were there at the same time Emmeline was with the same kind of tumor, Emmeline was the only one to survive. 

From the beginning it was apparent that Emmeline was very perceptive. Emmeline liked to play imaginary play though she was unable to talk much. She would regularly play grocery store making the beep sound as she would check out her groceries. Her parents would then ask her, "Emmeline, do you want to play beep or read a book?" Soon the word beep started referring to any kind of imaginary play, ex doctor beep, airplane beep, school beep, etc. Since “beep” was a natural part of her play to this 
day, the play room, which also became her card production office, is called the “beep room”.

Emmeline was an early riser. Her parents had to limit her. She could not get out of bed until the hands of the clock were straight up and down (6:00 a.m.). When we would come to the States for a visit and Emmeline had learned to read, Mary would find her in the kitchen having her quiet time before others were up, and they would share that time together. 

We question as to whether Emmeline ever really knew what it was to feel good or even normal. She, in her short lifetime, had three major brain tumor resections and at least 10 operations related to shunt malfunctions. The physical reactions related to those malfunctions were headaches, vomiting, inability to sleep, and other complications. Even after the surgery to correct the malfun
ction, there would be the recovery period and the stress of determining if the procedure was going to be successful.

In February it was discovered that a radiation induced tumor had penetrated 60% of her brain stem and was inoperable. At that time she and the family received a dream trip to Disney World through the provision of Wishes Can Happen. 

Several years ago, when she was having a 3 day EEG to determine the extend of her regular seizure activity, she was busy making greeting cards which had become her hobby. Some of the nurses wanted to buy them so that initiated her being motivated to have a card shop. Their next door neighbor, Debby Jagger, organized a special day at the Oakwood Country Club and called it Emmeline’s Cards and More. Over 800 of Emmeline’s card were sold that day. Emmeline received a special release from Akron’s Children’s Hospital so she could be present and officiate at her store. She sat at the check out desk where she could see every customer and enjoy seeing her cards be sold. It was a dream come true. 
Prior to the discovery of the brain stem tumor, Jeff Knori, the Chaplain of the Lake Center Christian School, issued a challenge to the students. What would you do if you received $50 and would seek to multiply it as Jesus did with the loaves and the fish? Emmeline responded with an essay saying that she would buy materials to make cards, sell them, and send the money to a missionary family in need. She was then chosen as one to receive the money. Even in the short time before they discovered the tumor, she had doubled her investment. When she entered the hospital, it became evident that she would be limited in her ability to continue with her project. When people asked what they could do for Emmeline, her mother responded that what would thrill Emmeline the most would be for people participate in the Loaves and Fishes project. The news was conveyed by e-mail and things started to happen. She began to receive cards from students at the school, folk from the church and literally from all over the world. Some of the countries were Australia, South Africa, China, Japan, Ireland, England, The Netherlands, Brazil and others. The cards would contain some money, usually one dollar bills, and a few 5s, 10s, and 20s and an occasional check. The highlight of the day would be the arrival of the mail. There would be as many as 30 cards a day. Emmeline would open each one and then count how much had been received that day. That fund has grown to over $8,700 and is still growing. At least two missionary families have been greatly blessed by this overflow of God’s provision.Each year the Lake Center Christian School has an auction to raise money for the school. Though Emmeline was not able to attend the auction, she sent 10 of her cards to be auctioned. The ten cards went for $5000. Then they were donated back to be reauctioned. Again they sold for $5000 and again they were donated back to be auctioned again. Finally each card was auctioned individually so that more people could get one and each card went for $500. Everyone who attended said there was not a dry eye in the place and they stopped and prayed for her immediately.
Emmeline’s last days were especially hard. The brain stem controls facial muscles, ability to chew, swallow, blink, and even breathe. Emmeline loved to eat and had a great appetite. She especially liked salads. We had a date together back in March and I took her to the Olive Garden for soup and salad (her choice). We each had two bowls of soup and the two of us devoured the two large bowls of salad. We then went out for ice cream, another favorite of hers. I have a cherished note that she wrote me t
hanking me for the fun time. For my birthday, which happened to hers as well, she started a phase ten list, which she was not able to finish but included, I love playing games with you and I like you taking me to school.

When it came to games, we had a friendly rivalry. I would let her choose the game. We were about even in Rummikub, Phase Ten and SkipBo, but she won most of the games of Monopoly Deal. Never once did she express or even indicate a negative feeling toward losing a game. She was often up to playing another one, win or lose, that is if she was not too tired. 

It became hard for her to talk because she could not move her jaw. So that meant that she could not chew. It got to the place that she could not swallow, not even ice cream. Just imagine what it would be like to be hungry, but not being able to eat. She received all her nutrition, about 800 calories a day because she wouldn't tolerate more, directly into her stomach. In the mornings she would often work on making cards. In the afternoons she might work on a puzzle, play games or both. To the end she was great at playing games that required reasoning and strategy. She won more than 50% of the time. That was what she did the day before she died. That night she did not sleep at all. Finally she did fall asleep in the morning. Before Jeff went to work, he went in and prayed for and with her. Julia kept checking on her through the morning. At 12:15 p.m. she went in to discover that the Lord had called her home while she had been asleep.

You would be amazed at the number of e-mails that we have received saying how much Emmeline’s life had touched them. Many have said that they did not know us personally nor did they know Emmeline , but had been following the reports of her life and have prayed for her. There is a business executive here in the States who was in our church in the early eighties. I talk to him about twice a year 
and he always asks about Emmeline. Over and over, that has been the question, “How is she? We are praying.

Tuesday evening after she had died, we gathered together as a family to pray and sing. One of the songs that is familiar to many is “Soon and very soon we are going to see the king “. We took some liberty with the lyrics and with not good English sang, ”She ain’t here no more, she’s gone to see her king, she ain’t here no more, she’s gone to see her king, she ain’t here no more, she’s gone to see her king, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, she’s gone to see her king.


Orginal story

Emmeline Schumacher, has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain stem tumor. She is a fourth grade student who has endured a lot in her 10 years of life. After recovery from a brain tumor at just nine weeks of age and radiation at 1 year of age, she has since had various hospitalizations to regulate the pressure of fluid in her brain. We were heartbroken to learn that this tumor is a stage 3 astrocytoma and is inoperable, most likely caused by the radiation she received as an infant.

Emmeline is a sweet girl that is the oldest of 6 children in her Christian family. She enjoys crafts and especially loves making cards for others.  Emmeline has a servant’s heart, gentle and unassuming, evidenced by her current “Fishes and Loaves” project of raising money for missionaries. 

At chapel one day, the campus pastor put forth a challenge to students called, “The Fishes and Loaves Project”.  Students apply to participate in the project and turn the money they are given into more money to help a particular cause. It is Emmeline's desire to fulfill her commitment to the Fishes and Loaves Project that she began in chapel.  She has doubled her money at this point and would love to do more for the missionary family at her church.  Her mother has asked that we do a card shower for Emmeline and include $1 toward her Fishes and Loaves in each card.  I think we can make this even bigger and bless this little one with donations toward her project.  

At this time, Emmeline’s family would like to spend as much quality time as possible with her. Raising funds would enable her father to be away from work without financial worry and also assist with traveling expenses of both sets of Emmeline’s grandparents who live out of the country.

Your contribution would bless the Schumacher’s family-your help is appreciated!  If you would also like to send a card to support the Fishes and Loaves project, you can mail your cards with your $1 cash donation to: aLittleBirdie.org Attn. Fishes and Loaves - 793 Beechwood Dr. Tallmadge, Ohio 44278.  If you need to write a check, please make it out to Emmeline Schumacher. The organization will deliver the cards as they come in.  Emmeline loves making cards for others and now we have an opportunity to make her a card!  Please consider blessing this family as they begin a new journey!

Galatians 6:2 - Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.

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